Integrated Horizon Indicators

Integrated Horizon Indicators

  • Lights integrated in the ships superstructure indicate the true Horizon line
  • Lights moving up and down
  • Individual design will suit the surrounding structures
  • Independent on board motion reference unit

When hovering over the helideck, the pilots attention is focused on his instruments and the vessel as such. Roll movements are difficult to judge if the true horizon is not available as a fixed reference.

The Optonaval Integrated Horizon Reference System is made up of various lights built into the ship´s superstructure in two vertical rows. When the ship is rolling, the light moves up and down, thereby indicating a line between them, which represents the true horizon line. The colors of display are customer specific, normally green (even), yellow and red.

The Integrated Horizon Reference System makes use of Optonaval´s controls and system integration but is a totally individual custom made solution, which can take any form and design to adapt to the vessels superstructure and predefined limits.